The Team


Master Rex Hatfield

Matt Weinberg

Matt is a professor in the Computer Science department (if desired, you can read more about his academic bio here). He grew up in Pikesville, MD, where he played various sports ‘for fun’ as a kid, but did not try a martial art. He started Taekwondo as a sophomore at Cornell under Grandmaster Han Don Cho through the PE class, and competed as a color belt for the Cornell team for two years in the ECTC (then, INCTL). Matt went to MIT for his PhD in EECS, where he trained under Master Dan Chuang. He competed for MIT in the ECTC as a red and black belt, and was a co-captain for two years. He also began competing in NCTA and USAT tournaments as a black belt, and training with Master Chuang’s t.Bos competition team. Matt returned to MIT to test for his 4th dan under Master Chuang in 2019.

Matt has been training under Mr. Hatfield since coming to Princeton in 2014. Since 2017, he has joined Mr. Hatfield as a coach of the Princeton team as well. He still trains remotely with Master Chuang and the t.Bos competition team, and still competes, too! He’s very thankful for randomly joining a Taekwondo class as an undergrad, as he met many of his closest friends through ECTC. 



Elise Kim

Elise has been doing Taekwondo since elementary school and enjoys working on poomsae. She is majoring in Linguistics with a certificate in Chinese language. In her free time, she likes practicing calligraphy, getting Murray Dodge cookies, and taking naps. Come and chat anytime!


Yolian Lao

Yolian is a junior from Saline, Michigan majoring in either economics or geosciences. She is a second degree black belt. In her free time, she enjoys playing Wordle and other word games.


Eugene Liu

Eugene Liu (‘24) hails from Newton, MA and is a COS concentrator. He has been doing Taekwondo and Hapkido for the past 11 years and is currently a 2nd degree black belt in ITF-style Taekwondo. Outside of Taekwondo, he enjoys playing the violin, reading, and trying new food!


Joseph Lou

Joseph is a senior from California majoring in Computer Science. He is a third degree black belt with a preference for poomsae. He loves eating ice cream and unhealthy amounts of candy.