When / where are practices?
You can find the practice schedule at the Schedule tab.

Do I need experience to join?
No! We welcome people with any sort of experience, whether you’re starting a martial art for the first time, have done something else before, or are continuing taekwondo.

When can I join?

We host open houses in the first week of each semester. All Princeton University undergraduates and graduate students are welcome! If you missed our open houses, please reach out to tkd-coaches@princeton.edu before coming to practice. We may ask you to begin the following semester, depending on the time of year and your prior experience.

How can I get added to the listserv?
You can fill out the form here or email tkd-coaches@princeton.edu to ask to be added to the listserv.

Does Princeton Taekwondo do high school recruitment?

Because we are a sports club, not an athletic team, we are unfortunately unable to recruit high school students or get involved in any way with Princeton admissions.

Is Taekwondo fun?