Practices are held in the Dillon multi-purpose room, and anyone who wants to attend should email for the link. All times are in Eastern Time.

Fall 2021 Practice Schedule

Combined Class
Personal Practice Time
Beginner's Class

Poomsae class
Sparring Class
Captain's Workout

Beginner’s Class: Intended for white belts, or anyone for whom this is their first semester of Taekwondo. Please wear your uniform if you have one.

Combined Class: All ranks are welcome. Please wear uniform if you have one.

Poomsae Class: Intended for yellow-black belts. Please wear your uniform if you have one.

Sparring Class: All ranks are welcome. If this is your first semester in Taekwondo, please talk to a coach before attending a sparring class. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Captain’s Workout: All ranks are welcome. Captain Cecilia will lead a fun, informal workout! Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Anyone who’s not sure what class to attend should feel free to email the coaches, captain, and/or president ( to ask.